Nel Hydrogen is the recognized global industry leader in alkaline and PEM water electrolysers. Our water electrolysers offer a superior choice for thermal processing applications. The product ranges are sure to meet any customer requirements. Our recent acquisition of Proton OnSite have allowed us to provide customers with the largest selection of hydrogen water electrolysers in virtually any capacity.  

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Hydrogen Generation Enables Elimination of Stored Ammonia for Thermal Processing
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Electrolysers for Thermal Processing

Atmospheric Alkaline Systems

Proton® PEM Systems

50 - 3,880 NM3/ hr

100 - 4,000 NM3/ hr

10 - 30 NM3/ hr

2 - 6 NM3/ hr

The Nel A Series represents the most reliable and efficient electrolysers in the world. Our modular concept enables us to deliver customised indoor hydrogen solutions for any application, configuration and size – anywhere. Nel tailors each delivery to any customer requirement, from complete installation of the entire electrolyser plant, to delivery of specific modules according to customer preferences.

Proton PEM was originally designed for mission critical applications in militaries, NASA and industrial applications. These systems have a proven track record of reliability and safety like no other Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolyser system on the market.  Proton PEM Electrolysers are turnkey, come in a range of capacities and can be utilized in any application.

9.4 - 18.89 L/Min

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